Product Announcement...................

We have been working non stop to perfect these new baits because as you know, Unless we believe we have the best product on the market, its not going on the shelves!!

We have 4 new products available from the end of next week.

Firstly joining our succesful range of flavoured feed pellets will be Green Lipped Mussel. These will be available in 2, 4, 6, and 8mm.

The second product is a Green Lipped Mussel pva friendly flavouring to accompany the pellets.

Our third product is a Burt Baits paste. This is a just add water paste and will come in 4 flavours. Krill, GLM, Nut Blend and last but not least, Chocolate Orange! These pastes when mixed have a Fiberous consistency but unlike othe fibre pastes, the hook pulls through the paste easily on the strike but stays on the hook for an adequate amount of time while waiting for a bite. Unbelievably good!

The fourth product to hit the shelf is something we are more than just a little excited about. Burt Baits Splash Mix.........

This is perfect when shallow slop or zig fishing as it holds fish up in the water better than anything else weve found! Just the right amount of food particles and attractants wafting about in the upper layers, creating a safe cloudy environment in which the fish feed confidently. Once again, these will be available in Krill, GLM, Nut Blend and Chocolate Orange.

As always all of our new baits contain our ever popular Stimul8or liquid for added attraction.

Alot of people have been involved in creating these new products and i thank you all very much but one person deserves an extra special mention, This guy has worked tirelessly for months now on these baits, making them something that little bit special! Thankyou Martyn Gibbons. This fella might be an old fart but what he does not know about the make up of bait, isnt worth knowing! I look forward to your next bright ideas!

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Next Generation Angling Academy

Our aim is to promote and expand the opportunities currently on offer to young Anglers of all skills and knowledge.

Currently their appears to be huge gaps in the opportunities available for kids, from picking up a rod for the first time through to becoming a competent angler. A number of clubs and fisheries do offer tuition and matches. But this appears to be localised, and not necessarily widely advertised and available.

We aim to reach a wider audience, encompassing all walks of life. Giving all children the opportunity to pick up a rod, get into the fresh air and learn new skills. This is where the future of the sport will come from, our future England team and future coaches - to continue the knowledge of the sport for the next generation.

We’re asking for as many people, venues, clubs and businesses to join us. No matter how big or small every ounce of support will be appreciated. We are just starting this venture through a combined passion for the sport and education. As we develop our ideas we’ll post requests for help and support. If you would like to join us please don’t hesitate to contact us and have a chat. We’re doing this in our own time, so please bear with us if any messages aren’t answered immediately. We have made some initial contacts and have had a few offers of support. But for this to fully work we need the fishing community to come together across brands and country to take fishing through to the next generation